Ways I’m More Like An Indian Aunty Than I Thought

On a warm summers day, in the early hours of the morning,my non-Indian friend told me ‘Priyanka, you’re giving me Indian aunt vibes today’. Now, naturally,I was worried. Because my friend is non-Indian, this could mean one of two things: Her observation wasn’t correct because she wasn’t affliated with Indian culture OR Her observation wasContinue reading “Ways I’m More Like An Indian Aunty Than I Thought”

A Love Letter From My Right Ankle To My Left Ankle

For a little bit of context, check out the Agora-Poetry blog post! How do I start this…? I’m not very good with words,but you know that. You know that I’ve always been the one who pushes forward first,right left, right left, right – but then you left – No…let me start again. I know howContinue reading “A Love Letter From My Right Ankle To My Left Ankle”

Dear Poetry/This Poem (+audio🎀!)

So…I cheated at NaPoWriMo πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

Des Voeux Road West, Hong Kong

Des Voeux Road West never faced west, only towards the other blocks opposite ours. Each morning, my foot was met with a bunk-bed ladder too slippery for any human who had slept through the sweatiness of night. But, I’m convinced it wasn’t meant for human legs, since each night the scurrying of thistly legs decoratedContinue reading “Des Voeux Road West, Hong Kong”

Woman (+audio)

A poem about being a normal woman for International Women’s DayπŸ‘©


A poem about taking control of your heart…literally. ❀️