Ways I’m More Like An Indian Aunty Than I Thought

On a warm summers day, in the early hours of the morning,my non-Indian friend told me ‘Priyanka, you’re giving me Indian aunt vibes today’. Now, naturally,I was worried. Because my friend is non-Indian, this could mean one of two things: Her observation wasn’t correct because she wasn’t affliated with Indian culture OR Her observation wasContinue reading “Ways I’m More Like An Indian Aunty Than I Thought”

Why Jane the Virgin makes me feel sexy

Sex – probably one of the most if not the most taboo topics of human history. Like many children of immigrant parents, however, sex was far from taboo for me –  it was literally never mentioned. If you want to see a desi family open up and talk, try sitting them in a room withContinue reading “Why Jane the Virgin makes me feel sexy”