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Welcome! I’m Priyanka, a born and bred queer London gal with a proud British-Indian heritage.

Online, I perform and write poetry as PM — my stage name. Offline, you’ll either find me laying next to a stack of books in bed, or at an open mic night with a good cup of tea permanently glued to my hand. 🍵

poetpri is my home for everything I do – mostly my blog and also my portfolio of poetry and freelance writing.

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My debut poetry audiobook

Oct 17, 2020

From AM to PM: poems to help you through the day, is my debut audiobook designed to do what it says on the tin – help you through the day with poetry! Here’s my post about it and a preview.

Agora-Poetry: a blog series about poetry and anxiety

July to September, 2020

Agora-Poetry was a challenge I set myself to battle my symptoms of agoraphobia by going outside to write poetry as often as I could.

10 books and poems that taught me about Black culture

June 3, 2020

In light of the Black Matters Live movement, I decided to showcase my favourite African, African-American and Black-British writers and poets whose work have taught me so much.