3 quick reads to round off your Asian Readathon

Towards the end of a long Readathon, it can be easy to get deflated if you don’t know where to look. So, here are 3 quick reads you can get through easily to help round off your Asian readathon, from a certified Asian.


So hello everyone! I’m sorry for disappearing for so long, but I have a VERY GOOD REASON! I RELEASED MY DEBUT AUDIOBOOK!!! I’m so so excited for you guys to hear it, so I’ve attached a little preview of the final track of the audiobook to the bottom of this post. All I really wantedContinue reading “I RELEASED AN AUDIOBOOK!”

Ways I’m More Like An Indian Aunty Than I Thought

On a warm summers day, in the early hours of the morning,my non-Indian friend told me ‘Priyanka, you’re giving me Indian aunt vibes today’. Now, naturally,I was worried. Because my friend is non-Indian, this could mean one of two things: Her observation wasn’t correct because she wasn’t affliated with Indian culture OR Her observation wasContinue reading “Ways I’m More Like An Indian Aunty Than I Thought”

A Love Letter From My Right Ankle To My Left Ankle

For a little bit of context, check out the Agora-Poetry blog post! How do I start this…? I’m not very good with words,but you know that. You know that I’ve always been the one who pushes forward first,right left, right left, right – but then you left – No…let me start again. I know howContinue reading “A Love Letter From My Right Ankle To My Left Ankle”

Woman (+audio)

A poem about being a normal woman for International Women’s DayπŸ‘©