A Love Letter From My Right Ankle To My Left Ankle

For a little bit of context, check out the Agora-Poetry blog post!

How do I start this…?

I’m not very good with words,
but you know that.

You know that I’ve always been the one who pushes forward first,
right left, right left, right – but then you left –

No…let me start again.

I know how much you’ve
been bruised,
there’s no way you can hide it from me.
— the corner of the dishwasher, the edge of the bed, the doorframe you never see coming

— and of course,
that tiny ledge in Hong Kong.

Some days,
I wish I could have saved you.

But it happened,
and we’ve grown apart.

Because I know that – we both know that
we’re a team.

You just can’t have right without left,
that’s like clouds without the sky.

Sorry, look,
I’m trying to be romantic, OK? Don’t laugh.

What I’m trying to say is

a sprain, is painful for both of us.

I know people have said it’s your Achilles Heel,
but what they don’t know is Achilles was also a hero,
and I’ve seen you carry the weight of the world on yourself like mother-effin’ Atlas.

And, you’ve asked me if you look swollen.

And, I’ve said yes. Like an idiot.

And, you’ve gotten mad – but look OK

Even if the icepack is your new best friend,
Even if you can’t turn very far towards me anymore,

just know I’m always watching,

putting one foot forward in front of the


  1. Careen Latoya says:

    Absolutely love this Queen! Well done for taking the first step. Keep going hun. Lots of love!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. PM says:

      Thanks so much sis! ❤️ Sending love back


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