spoken word poetry

On The Fence (+VIDEO)

I’m tired of sitting on the fence of femininityand dangling my hairy legsover the edge. I’ve been in this              tossed-coin region for a while now, mid-air, frozen and floating. I am      a moment,a feeling rather than a whole human being: anticipation for a result, Because, of course, I need to pick a side […]


What I learnt in 2018 (+video)

January 2018 I learnt that some lame NYE traditions aren’t actually all that lame? I still prefer drinking Shloer instead of wine and sitting on the sofa doing nothing eating pizza with my parents doing nothing but watching the BBC fireworks with my parents instead of actually going out and doing fireworks. February 2018 I […]



As humans, we didn’t grow up,we grew out of the ocean,floated to the topto join the brine and enjoy the sunshine.Our fins,unraveled into lungs,we learnt thesecret of breathand held the taste of airon the backs of our tongues.We danced across the shores,with sand between our toes.And that was our legacy. Now, I’m here. Where they […]