Chicken/Egg | NaPoWriMo #6

This is my first major speech as Prime Minister – and I am going to address the first priority of this government: transforming our economy. What came first? The chicken or the egg. Today, Britain is at a turning point. The decisions we make now will live with us for decades to come. For manyContinue reading “Chicken/Egg | NaPoWriMo #6”

Giraffe | NaPoWriMo #1

We find ourselves in chairs comfortable, near enough to feel his knees, his breath. We watch one another, with eyes full of all the faces aside from the one before us. But still, we change the scene, and draw our mouths up towards eyes trying to uncrack stiff faces so that something, anything, will happen.Continue reading “Giraffe | NaPoWriMo #1”

Laughing Buddha

T/W: Eating disorders & self harm There’s something you don’t know about me I’ve been pregnant for most of my life. When I was born,my limbs were skeletal,as if someone hadpulled my skin across my bodylike an ironing board,the creases and angles jutting out underneath. But, when I was 12,an Evil Boy and aWicked Girl,guidedContinue reading “Laughing Buddha”

Warm Showers

I have been told people who take warm showers are lonely,that they crave bodies. So, sometimes I think myselfevil brute,chewing onflesh to tear itfrom their bones tobuild myselfprecarious bodies,upon which I can balancemy very delicate ego. But mostly, I think myselfone-eyed cyclops, narrow-visioned,searching only for warmth,as cold rain pours from the showerhead above.

日本に住みたい [I want to live in Japan]

日本に住みたい = I want to live in Japan.

Dear Poetry/This Poem (+audio🎤!)

So…I cheated at NaPoWriMo 👀👀👀

First-Act Curtain

‘As I grew older, I began to feel a different, yet familiar, emotion in the same part of my heart – experiencing something so real but wondrous you feel as if you’re in a dream’ – @christinemaricomics When I am there,when I feel every spark and crackle against my heartbeat, I don’t feel like dreaming.I feelContinue reading “First-Act Curtain”

A White Girl in a Pretty Dress Smiles at Me

‘She stares back at me, and I don’t know what to tell her’