A poem about taking control of your heart…literally. โค๏ธ


It’s been so long since I’ve written a poem, at first I was afraid to write. I stopped writing a while ago because I felt like I had nothing to say and if I did have something to say I wouldn’t say it right. Then, this summer, my grandma passed away (may she rest inContinue reading “Teacher”

Ode to my broken piano

On the days that I do not love you my love looks nothing like love. In fact, it looks much like not quite the opposite but an in between state: A half-working key, an almost soundless note pressed against my finger-tips.

Big Bad Wolf

I But grandma, what big eyes you have!That does not make myvisionany lessnarrow If you knew mydesiresdear I may see you takeflightas quick as asparrow. II As you’re pretty so be wise;Wolves lurk in every guise  But, if insatiable desires arehumanthen what does that makeme? If I am not humanhow can I befree? III โ€œTheContinue reading “Big Bad Wolf”


Maybe they use a light bulb,because memory is only aflash,a quip of a quick blinding burn – – a faint tingling remainson the tip of my thumb, but I don’t know where it came from,I don’t remember how it happened. “What was I saying again?”

Old Man

Sometimes I like to compare myself to an old man. Note how I did not say old woman โ€“ for old women have a special quality to them which old men do not: you can see it if you brush away the dust, buried inside them is a treasure chest where pearls of wisdom remain.Continue reading “Old Man”

Things I’ve heard people say in London

“No one cycles in London” “Move your cycle” “I’d like to ride a penny-farthing on the road” “That penny-farthing is as big as me; its wheel is as big as my face.” “Is that where Trafalgar Square is?” (looking at a map in the middle of a bike lane) “Is that where Somerset House is?”Continue reading “Things I’ve heard people say in London”