Things I’ve heard people say in London

free verse, Poetry, Small Poems

Wow, already more than two weeks in! For everyone doing NaNoWriMo, or trying to achieve any kind of goal this month — keep it up!! 🙂

It’s been a bit difficult to keep on top of things as a student, but being a student means you also move around a lot. I’m currently in London, and so this poem was inspired by things I’ve heard people say around me so far.

"No one cycles in London"
"Move your cycle"
"I'd like to ride a penny-farthing on the road"
"That penny-farthing is as big as me; its
wheel is as big as my face."
"Is that where Trafalgar Square is?"
(looking at a map in the middle of a bike lane)
"Is that where Somerset House is?"
(examining a map in the middle of the pavement)
"Is that where Waterloo Bridge is?"
(scrutinising a map... the middle of Waterloo Bridge)
Once, and only once,
Every time, and all the time,
"Bloody, Underground."
Every morning,
"Please give me food--"
Every afternoon,
"-- I have no money --"
Every evening,
" -- I have no home."

This was written as part of National Novel Writing Month 2017 [Day 15, Poem #9]

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