It’s been so long since I’ve written a poem, at first I was afraid to write. I stopped writing a while ago because I felt like I had nothing to say and if I did have something to say I wouldn’t say it right. Then, this summer, my grandma passed away (may she rest inContinue reading “Teacher”

Big Bad Wolf

I But grandma, what big eyes you have!That does not make myvisionany lessnarrow If you knew mydesiresdear I may see you takeflightas quick as asparrow. II As you’re pretty so be wise;Wolves lurk in every guise  But, if insatiable desires arehumanthen what does that makeme? If I am not humanhow can I befree? III β€œTheContinue reading “Big Bad Wolf”


If I am to remember,what does that truly mean? Does it mean to remember the guns fired,to watch the scarlet blood gleam,or to touch the spirits who are still alive today,and hold them in high esteem? If I am to remember,what am I to forget?For it is difficult to say I am sorry,when we haveContinue reading “Remember”