a white girl in a pretty dress smiles at me – NaPoWriMo #3

NaPoWriMo 2020, Poetry

Hello everyone! Today I’m taking my prompt from Apples & Snakes, a poetry organisation here in the UK. Today’s was to write a poem about either a spectator being captivated by an image or the image being captivated by the spectator. As I’ve been using Instagram a lot more I’ve actually been thinking about this a lot, so I tried to write out my thoughts. Enjoy! 🙂

She stares back at me 
and I don't know what to tell her 

- this isn't the real me,
only a part of it,
at a certain time,
in a certain light,
turn me to the left and
I'll look better

but to you,
that's worse,

that's comfort,
some sort of reassurance that you're not doing
too badly.

So today, 
you climbed inside 
long pink skirts and lipstick stains
just to touch me,
and you vanished
- the best known magic trick
in your repertoire. 
did it make you feel better? worse?
I want you to look at me. 
I too am magic:
To her, I am the 
plastic surgery she cannot afford,
the skin she always wanted,
the curves she envisioned,
but never owned.
To you, I am a broken mirror
you never wanted to see,
so you could reach for that
plastic surgery,
and extra padding.
So go ahead,
click FOLLOW
and come
chase after 
my spells.
I know you want them too. 

That Dress | 100 Days of Flash Fiction – Day #5

100 Days of Flash Fiction, Short Stories & Flash Fictions


‘The dress spoke for her’

She had no need to tell the world her intention – the dress spoke for her. She ascended to the stage.

It told the world: