If I am to remember,what does that truly mean? Does it mean to remember the guns fired,to watch the scarlet blood gleam,or to touch the spirits who are still alive today,and hold them in high esteem? If I am to remember,what am I to forget?For it is difficult to say I am sorry,when we have […]



As humans, we didn’t grow up,we grew out of the ocean,floated to the topto join the brine and enjoy the sunshine.Our fins,unraveled into lungs,we learnt thesecret of breathand held the taste of airon the backs of our tongues.We danced across the shores,with sand between our toes.And that was our legacy. Now, I’m here. Where they […]


Drury Lane

Name here, Sign here, sigh there, Wear and tear of the town, causes tearing of hair, baby cries — — closed eyes. Lullabies sung, Tumbling now that standing up has come, Standing on your own two cold feet, good bye — –I smell, the Muffin Man, hungry as I run to Drury Lane, a girl […]