I feel like an adult when

I feel like an adult when a new washing machine excites me I feel like an adult when I butter my own toast I feel like an adult when I somehow manage to get rid of a cold on my own I feel like an adult when the question ‘what do you want to beContinue reading “I feel like an adult when”


I’ve often found myself contorting,squeezing into other peoples’ boxes.Maybe it’s because I’m small.I can fit into places easily. But my stomach hangs over my legs,petruding over the line. Stuffing never helps. Hiding can often reveal more than what was hidden. So I stopped contorting.

Big Bad Wolf

I But grandma, what big eyes you have!That does not make myvisionany lessnarrow If you knew mydesiresdear I may see you takeflightas quick as asparrow. II As you’re pretty so be wise;Wolves lurk in every guise  But, if insatiable desires arehumanthen what does that makeme? If I am not humanhow can I befree? III β€œTheContinue reading “Big Bad Wolf”