Sometimes I think of what life would be without you. basically it would be terrible. my world upside down, the tears would fall from the ceiling and choke me. A wet, empty bed. The sheets on the floor, only because I couldn’t be bothered to put them on. No one will be coming here. The uncaged bird flies into the fan and splatters everywhere. Blood falls from the ceiling and chokes me.

No one is there to catch my coughs – you always did have big hands. Big enough to wrap around me, until I was consumed by your fingerprints. I bit your finger and your hand recoiled, like a rope. But I never did feel tied. I feel uncaged. Somewhere a wasp flies into the window and circles around and around with the fan until it makes the fan spin faster. The wasp grows big enough to sleep next to me. The next day I found it in the freezer searching for food. The next day I found you on my door. I found the rope, so I tied myself to you. You threw me into the ocean and I became an anchor. The ship still sailed on, and I came with it. You came with me. Please, follow me into the water for a little while longer.

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