3 Book Memories | Happy World Book Day! πŸ“š

Hello everyone, and happy World Book Day! It’s amazing how books can be like time capsules, holding memories of a specific part of your life – wouldn’t you agree? In that vain, I thought I’d write a quick post, sharing 3 special memories of 3 special books of mine. (Of course, I could pick WAY more but I decided to limit myself)!

1. Kingdom Hearts Manga

This was one of the first book series that absorbed me to the point where I forgot what was happening around me. I remember reading it a lot under the desks in school (if you’re a bookworm, you know exactly what I mean). One time I was called on to answer a question and I had that very typical bookworm-film-moment where my friend had to nudge me so I’d stop reading.

2. Date & Time by Phil Kaye

‘Beginning, Middle and End’ was the first poem I ever performed and is what started my poetry journey. Needless to say, when I was lucky enough to meet him after his and Sarah Kay’s first-ever London show, I was so nervous and shaky. But meeting him really helped me humanise my idol, and comforted me in a time where I was unsure if I was going to continue trying to be a poet. He was kind enough to sign ‘Beginning Middle and End’ for me, and so, this collection is one of my most prized possessions.

3. 100 Prized Poems: 25 Years of the Forward Books

This anthology was a prize I won back in 2017 when I came joint first in my first ever slam. The slam was at my then-uni, and I felt so nervous performing since I think it was only my 3rd time performing my own work. It was a nice companion to my first year of university, in a time where I was just starting to discover myself and fully grow into my new identity away from secondary school.

Do you guys have any special book memories? Let me know! ☺️

And Happy World Book Day, wherever you are, whatever you’re reading πŸŒπŸ’—


  1. This is quite a random one, but I have happy memories of reading Treasure Island over one summer where I was travelling with my family, so it just reminds me of that specific holiday and taking it with me to the lake where they would swim and I would just read πŸ™‚

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    1. PM says:

      That’s so cute Leah! I love moments like that too where you’re just left alone to read. We know I love the ocean 🌊🌊🌊


  2. Ji-san says:

    One book that really stands out as one of my teenage favorites is the manga, Last Game. I wish that it was made into an anime. However, I was so happy to find one artist at an anime convention drew art of the main couple in the manga.

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    1. PM says:

      For some reason my brain registered that as ‘No Game No Life’ and then I was like lol no it’s different! Never heard of that manga, what’s it about? And OMG that must have been an AMAZING moment for you!! So satisfying finding the people you want to at cons, especially when there’s so many booths


      1. Ji-san says:

        Haha no worries! I get that. Oh really? It’s one of those gems that are often overlooked sadly! It is a childhood rivalry story, where the main boy vows to defeat the girl the beats him in everything and make her fall in love with him to dump her. The girl is totally clueless though and didn’t think anything of it when he followed her to college. It’s super cute to see them growing up. Definitely suggest to read it!

        Yes! I have never seen art from that manga before and I was so excited. It was worth buying. They are so precious.


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