A Poem for Every Autumn Day

Had a blast collabing with A Writer’s Bee on this seasonally appropriate post! Check out our thoughts on our favourite poems from Allie Esiri’s collection ‘A Poem for Every Autumn Day’.

A Writer Bee

Today’s post is a special one (and posted outside our normal schedule…the scandal). I have a special guest PM, a spoke word poet. We’re doing a sort of collab guest post breaking down our thoughts of three poems from A Poem for Every Autumn Day, a collection by Allie Esiri.

We’ll be hoping through time a bit with our three choices. One of them all the way into November which doesn’t usually feel like fall around here…but that’s alright.

I would recommend checking the book out for yourself if you’re a fan of poetry.

Take a Poem by James Carter

PM: It may seem contradictory to begin this post with a poem that doesn’t scream fall (or Autumn if you’re a proper British lady like myself) but hear me out. As a poet, and so in simple terms a huge poetry nerd, this poem resonated with me so much. Poetry’s…

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