A conversation between ‘writer’ and ‘girlfriend’

free verse, Poetry

Today’s prompt was so interesting! I love NaPoWriMo’s website’s prompts – they’re extremely unique and insightful. Day 7’s prompt was to write a poem between two different parts of your identity and make them have a chat. So, enjoy this quick poem!

That red jumper and black shirt were a combo that punched be right in the gut,
I could see the little flashing sign above my head,
Mortal Combat-style.
Today the bruise is still there,
whenever I run my hands through your
soft, red hair
That was on my stomach,
and my uterus is just below
- it's waiting, as it has been taught to
for you to make me
expand into
a balloon body
- with a child waiting at the
other side.
But what if I prefer
the tapping of a
midnight rush
of writing
at candlelight,
the labels,
the thoughts,
the pen-marks
I can't write on a baby?
I can't write all over
its cute face?
I wouldn't want to erase
either of these narratives
- but perhaps, for you
I might have to.

This was written as part of National Poetry Writing Month [Day 7]. 

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