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Hey guys! So whilst the weather in London has been getting better, I’ve been ill! (Yay (!) ) I’m not quite up to writing a full blog post, but like I said at the beginning of the year, I am putting out a new post on Sundays no matter what! So, here’s a little haiku about being ill. Enjoy!

End of School Year

haiku, Poetry

Hi everyone! So, long time no see and I’m so sorry! 
Needless to say that my NaNoWriMo attempt was abysmal, and I clearly overestimated just how much I could get done. Now that it’s the end of my semester, I have more time and so will be going back to writing weekly posts! No more month long writing attempts for a while…

So, in light of it being the end of the semester, I’ve decided to return with this small haiku.

notebook spine is bent 
the cover is nearly off
worn out; just like me. 

If Love was human

haiku, Poetry

The final Savannah Brown writing prompt is:

Make it human

I decided to write a haiku today, since I’ve recently been contemplating how this genre of poetry is so good at conveying so much in so little a space.