Hi there!

Welcome to my little corner of the internet! I’m PM, a British-Indian, queer, spoken word poet, writer and blogger.

What I do:

Currently, I’m a graduate, but my side hustle is spoken word poetry. When I’m not writing or at an open mic night, I’m a host for AQ Arts London’s Instagram bi-weekly show Shout: Live! , and a reader for CRAFT: Literary Magazine.

If I’m not doing those things, I’m probably crying over all the anime, book and video game characters I’ve become far too invested in.

(My mum would also like me to add I’m a proud Indian, and if I didn’t mention it I would dishonour her.)

What you’ll find here:

My poetry – some good old fashioned wordsmithery, sometimes with recordings and videos.

My blog – a place for me to brain dump, from travel diaries to book reviews. and general life updates.

What I can do for you:

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