Chaos | 100 Days of Flash Fiction – Day #1

100 Days of Flash Fiction, Short Stories & Flash Fictions


Time travel, a bookmark, the angel gabriel.

‘You’re dead’.

‘Angel Gabriel, how did I die?’

‘Your mother was Hera, your father, Zeus.’

‘So they made me die?’


‘It’s so dark here.’

‘Use the light from my wings, follow me to the Underworld.’

‘How did they make me die?’

‘Hera did not want you anymore. Zeus had become preoccupied with Ganymede, his cup-bearer boy.’

‘Then how was I born?’

‘The goddess wanted a child, and you were inside her. You still are.’

‘Didn’t she love me? I wanted to be a child with parents’.

‘I can show you that future. I am a descendant of Hermes but I can show you the corruption, greed and shame of the Gods of which you will become a part of. I can show you the God who will save us from these sins, how I shall be the first to tell of his birth, his death, and carry on his legacy. You are not that child.’

‘Then, who am I?’

‘You are an interruption of time. A bookmark inside the Torah. You were never meant to be born, Chaos.’

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