free verse

Today’s prompt was to write a haibun that included our home town’s landscape as a source of inspiration. I worked quite hard on this poem so please do let me know if you’ve enjoyed it too 🙂 !

This city was built on averageness. Its bricks laid themselves deem into concrete and the concrete foundations of society. Everyone from around here owns the same bricks
— money,
— stability,
— no personality,
— a nice car.

But when the sun appears over the tops of those chimney-adorned, red velvet cheesecake rooftops the cracks in the cake begin to show, because as we know
the proof is in their pudding.

When the sun comes up the ground begins to wobble an all is not as steady as one first thought. In the tiny, hidden, locked up spaces between the bricks are tiny, hidden, locked up stories. Everyone has built this city without themselves in it — you do not get to see what’s written on their sheets,
or in their notebooks.

You get to see
their bricks.

bricks have made my home,
not easy, ocean breezes,
cement and i’m here. 

This poem was written as part of National Poetry Writing Month [Day 12].

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