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Apologies for my recent lack of poems – keeping up with the 30/30 challenge is extremely difficult to do when you have exams to study for but I will try harder to keep on top of it. For today’s prompt we were asked to consider the future — enjoy!

My favourite quote is:
"Every great story has a beginning middle and end,
not necessarily in that order
We are all great stories" *
Because it invalidates the future,
the past is obliterated,
we have no order
-- stories can be told at
any point in
In the future I could be Homer,
or not.
I could be dead,
or not.
I could be teaching,
To have ambition is not to hold
your future
for your present,
to have ambition means
to have passion
to love
to live
to hope.
-- and aren't we all not just hoping
that we will survive another day
to see
the next?

*from Phil Kaye’s ‘Beginning, Middle and End’

This poem was written as part of NaPoWriMo 2018 [Day 11]

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